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Who is it for?

Generally spoken it is right to say that Pilates training is good for everybody, for healthy and active persons as well as for people who are not able to train in the usual sports centres because of their body condition or age.

Pilates is good for active persons as well as for people who are unable to train in the usual sports centres because of their condition or their age. It is less evident for children under 12 because few of them can work up the requisite concentation to practise Pilates. But it is very important for teenagers as it is in this fase of their life that they start developing bad body posture.

Pilates has a wholesome and healing effect in a lot of domains such as
  • High blood pressure
  • Reduced blood circulation
  • Depression
  • Diminished ability to concentrate
  • Bearing disorders such as Kyphosis, Lordosis, Scoliosis
  • Osteoporosis and osteopony
  • Corpal tunnel syndrome
  • Corpulence / obesity
  • Stiffness
  • Bow-legs and knock-knees - fallen arches
  • Post convalescence after fractures or surgery
  • Breathing problems such as asthma
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Fibromyalgy
  • Multiple Sclerosis (

The special prenatal and postnatal programme that is offered in Studio Y-Pilates, was developed by Caroline Anthony of The Centre for Women's Fitness. This training has already been applied for years. Thanks to this training pregnant women keep their muscular tonus and their suppleness which makes childbirth easier. Afterwards they get back their original figure much quicker and they avoid the typical pain complaints in the lower back and shoulder girdle. They also recover much sooner after a Caesarean and diastatis recti close again.
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In the course of their work a lot of people wrestle with back and/or other corporal complaints. This occurs in all professions. Thanks to the Pilates method people learn to reinforce their weakened musculature and to adopt a correct body posture by which pain is avoided or disappears completely.

Actors, singers and TV presenters acknowledge that the Pilates exercises and breathing techniques help them to use their voice more efficiently when they are performing.

Pilates is the ideal supplementary training for most top-class sports disciplines to counteract the imbalances that arise because of the specific sport(s) practise. Through this training they risk less injuries and they grade up their ability to concentrate and their sporting achievements. Consider football players, rowers, golf players, horse riders, tennis players, athletes, cyclists, etc. Above all dancers greatly benefit from Pilates. In a lot of dance movements the body is kept out of its usual alignement. Muscles and joints are exposed to enormous tensions. Consequently they risk severe injuries if they don't take good care of themselves. Nevertheless if they suffer from an injury then Pilates is the ideal cross training to keep their body and muscular tonus in good shape.

Do you have injuries or chronical complaints for which you receive medical support then it is very important at a first visit to bring with you the report of the supporting doctor or physiotherapist in which he clearly explains your medical problems. This way the programme can safely be adapted and a full collaboration can be achieved. Mind: Pilates lessons are no alternative for rehabilitation! The Pilates teacher is not a rehabilitation doctor or physiotherapist but a movement specialist. Through specially adapted Pilates exercises he can help to make the body stronger and more supple in a well-balanced way after a period of rehabilitation to function again free of pain and complaints in all daily activities. This way it preventively helps to avoid surfacing again of former complaints and injuries