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The Y-Pilates Studio is a brand-new studio with all the standard Pilates appliances.

All our equipment was manufactured/made in the USA, Boulder Colorado, by Peak Pilates ®, one of the top producers of Pilates appliances.
Pilates cadillac
Thanks to his experience during his imprisonment on the island of Man, Jozeph Pilates used a hospital bed with the for that time typical metal frame work to which he fastened springs and straps to give exercises of resistance to bedridden and wounded patients. Of course adapted versions are used now, the possibilities are limitless. They are used for exercises adapted to the special physical needs of the client. So it inclines to physicotherapy. We use a standard Cadillac fitted with a wider and longer MAT-Table in comparison with the Traditional Cadillac.

Pilates delux wall system
It can be compared with a half Cadillac (Tower). You can do most of the 'Cadillac' exercises on it and combined with a raised MAT as in our studio you can perform/do all MAT exercises on it as well.

Pilates reformer
It is the most well known device/appliance designed by Pilates. It was developed to reform the body. In plain words look upon/envisage it as a small training canvas/mat with two shoulder supports and a head brace fixed/fitted on a small carriage/car with 4 wheels underneath. That small car/carriage rides/moves forward(s) and backward(s) on a frame and it encounters resistance because of the springs at the front and the straps at the back of the frame. Exercises are performed lying on one's back, on one's stomach/belly or on one's side/in a side position, sitting down, kneeling or standing/in a sitting down, kneeling or standing position. The possible challenges for the body are inexhaustible, because apart from the influence of gravitation the resistance of the springs and the changing surface stability are a factor as well. The Total Workout System (TWS) is a combination of a Reformer and a half Cadillac (Tower) and when closed/shut it is possible to do the standard MAT exercises on it. Our studio has got 4 standard TWS appliancies and one Sports Med TWS (the latter is especially used by athletes and very tall persons and for individual practice).
Pilates chair
The chair is a kind of square sitting-box with a hinging pedal (can be in 2 parts) which is connected to the back of the box by means of springs. There are hundreds of exercises for every part of the body and for each fitness level. It is not an easy training appliance. No other appliance can reveal any disbalances and weaknesses/debilities as well as this one. On the other hand the Chair offers unique and specific opportunities/chances to cope with these problems. Besides it is extremely suitable/appropiate for healthy individuals and athletes to upgrade their general fitness level and to ameliorate their performances. The MVe Chair is the modern/up-to-date fitness version of the standard Chair. MVe stands for 'Maximum Versatility exercise'. Y-Pilates has got 4 standard High/Low Combination Chairs ( 2 with split-pedal ; 2 with single pedal ) and 13 MVe's (of which two with split-pedal and handles)
Pilates semi barrels
Pilates developed these appliances to stretch the spine column/vertebral spine and to bring it into a correct alignment, to ameliorate the body posture, to strengthen the Powerhouse, to upgrade the suppleness in the hips and to ameliorate the position/carriage of the legs. They can also be used to teach exercises that at a later stage, once one is familiar with them, can be performed on other equipment such as the reformer, but with more challenge. The basic exercises are performed on the Semi Barrels and are perfect for short/small persons and stiff individuals. The Spine Corrector and Pilates Arc move a step further and are more challenging, as they require more stability and control to practise on them. The High Ladder Barrel is the largest Barrel combined with a ladder which gives support to exercises in a standing position and by which a great variety of new applications is possible.
Pilates ped-o-pull
Practising on our Ped - o - Pul is a challenge to/challenges the Powerhouse, it improves the body posture and the sense of balance. Dancers love it!

Pilates foot corrector
Also called the small reformer. It is a perfect tool to strengthen the foot muscles and to correct/adjust/rectify the disbalances in them. It improves the position of the foot with regard to knee and hip.

Is a very simple tool/instrument to strengthen shoulders, wrists and forearms, especially people with Carpal tunnel syndrome will benefit from it.
Pilates power circles
Can be used for support/assistance as well as a challenge.

Pilates mat
They are 2.13 m long, 61 cm wide and 3.81 cm thick and they have a footstrap for extra support. They are very comfortable for training and contrary to rollable mats which are generally used elsewhere they are also suitable for persons taller than 1.80 m to perform all mat exercises on top of their mat in an comfortable way thanks to the extra length of 2.13 m.