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All lessons are by appointment and can be attended/followed in group as well as privately.

Groups lessons calendar

Mon: 20h: Multi-Level
Tue: 19h: Intermediate
Wen: 19h: Introductory / Basic
Thu: 19h: Advanced or Combi-class
Single lesson: €13/lesson,
10-lesson card.: €12
lesson card.: €11/lesson.

Mon: 19h: Intermediate / Advanced
Tue: 20h: Basic
Thu: 18h: Intermediate

Single lesson: €23/lesson,
lesson card.: €22/lesson,
lesson card.: €21/lesson.

Wen: 20h: Multi-level
Thu: 10h: Multi-level

Single lesson: €17/lesson,
lesson card.: €16/lesson,
lesson card.: €15/lesson.
In theory it is advisable to everyone who wants to start Pilates lessons to attend a number of training sessions individually. Thereby the instructor can focus on his pupil and so he quickly will get a clear picture of the person's individual needs and the right strategy to follow. In a lot of foreign Pilates studio's it is the condition to be accepted in group sessions. Depending on certain mental and/or physical problems or injuries a specific approach could be required and then individual trainings are the only option. Real Pilates enthousiasts swear by individual trainings because they experience/discover that in this way they can optimize their training and can reach their targets much quicker. It is right to say that one individual session has more effect than ten group sessions. Moreover/Besides there's little chance of sustaining an injury during an individual session. It can happen in group sessions because people sometimes compete with other participants and consequently they forget to pay attention to indications/signals (?) of the body. In large groups it is easier to disregard the teacher's instructions and as a result exercises are carried out/executed in a wrong way. That's why the number of persons in a group is deliberately kept low in the Y-Pilates studio.
Group sessions are particularly meant for healhy individuals and persons without specific physical complaints. Groups consist of participants with + / - the same training level.
That's why group lessons are given according to different levels:
  • Introduction lesson
  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
The larger the group the more the teacher's attention is spread. A group lesson is preferably limited/restricted to 5 to 7 participants, by which all standard Pilates appliances/apparatus can be used in Studio Y- Pilates. With a larger group (in our studio to a maximum of 12 persons) only Mat lessons are given with possibly the use of small tools/appliances (power circles, weights, balls, foam rollers, etc.)