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Yves De Moor

Yves De Moor, founder of Y-Pilates Studio, was born in 1955, Ghent and is a father of four sons and one daughter.

"In my school days gymnastics and scouting were my true passion. I intended to study gymnastics and physiotherapy at KUL (Leuven university). But a complicated knee injury due to a stupid fall off my bike ended that dream. So no sports education but dentistry study at RUG (Ghent university).

The dentist profession puts an enormous unillateral load on the body, which results in specific back and neck complaints and wrist problems. Swimming became my favourite sport, with an average of 1 km a day. In my dentist practice I mainly focused on prevention by which beside good dental care a correct body posture became more and more important for me and the patient particularly. Observing my patients' posture and their movements became second nature to me.

In the meantime for a number of years I had been active in accompanying African dance lessons and in teaching percussion as a musician-percussionist. In 2003/2004 during an apprenticeship at ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte) in Havana, Cuba, I fell on my upper back from a 3 m height. This resulted in 2 crushed chest vertebrae, 2 collapsed ribs, breath blockage and unbearable pain. The Pilates method, which up till then I didn't know at all, meant the turning point. I used Pilates training for my rehabilitation. Through 5 to 7 sessions a week, built up progressively, pain stayed away for longer periods and more importantly I was able to breathe more comfortably. My bent body posture gradually changed into a correcter one than the one I had had in my youth.

As a medical man and a scientist I wanted to study the Pilates method and get to the bottom of it. primarily for my own rehabilitation and also by teaching to pass on to others the advantages of the method.

I chose the Peak Pilates¬ģ training, Boulder, US, which is one of the most prominent Pilates training institutes ( acknowledged by the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance, the coordinating organization that guards the quality of Classical Pilates colleges and sets the standards

Attended Pilates trainings and obtained certificates:
  • PeakPilates Mat Basic
  • PeakPilates Mat Intermediate
  • PeakPilates Mat Advanced
  • PPS-I (Peak Pilates System level I: Mat, Reformer and Cadillac of Trapeze Tabel level 1)
  • PPS-II
  • PeakPilates Chair Level I & II
  • PeakPilates Barrel en accessoires Level I & II
  • Comprehensive Certified Peak Pilates Instructor, Boulder -¬† Colorado , US.
  • PeakPilates Teacher Trainer Intensive Level I
  • Pre/Postnatal Specialist Program van The Center For Women's Fittness, Delaware, US.
  • Classical Pilates Convention Portsmouth, UK. cally for neck and foot problems, spine-extension & special cases.
  • Power Pilates Benelux Intensive workshops with Bob Liekens in Woerden, Nl. :
    • challenge an advanced client
    • barrel progressions
    • advanced tower class
    • jump board
    • art of touch/cue
    • reformer on the mat advanced-super/advanced
    • how to implement individual needs
    • biomechanical principals in Pilates¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
  • VII Convenci√≥n International Pilates Re-evolution 2012¬†¬† Barcelona, Spain:
    • workshops with Alycea Ungaro : pilates for bad backs / Pilates & pregnancy /¬† over the barrels
    • workshops with Chris Robinson : all chairs workout / Cadillac Control / Pilates & Sport
  • Franklin Method Workshops met Eric Franklin
    • Pelvic Power for stability and balance
    • Dynamic Abdominals, integrated Iliopsoas
    • The art and science of Best Cueing for Movement Education
    • Liberated Breathing : Diaphragm & Pelvic Floor Synergies

My teachers and mentors: In March 2012 I closed down my dentist practice permanently and I work as a Pilates Master Instructor on a full-time basis now."