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How to start?

Y-Pilates offers introductory lessons to allow new students the opportunity of getting accustomed to a new surrounding and manner of teaching.

If you want to know and feel how Pilates works, make an appointment for a first visit. You will be asked to fill in a screening form that states your medical history and details of recent injuries and treatments. It is also advisable to bring along a report by your GP or the specialist who has been treating you. At the first session your imbalances or dissymmetries will be deduced from observing your body posture. It usually gives one a shock to find out how much one defects from a correct body posture. But don't panick: whoever starts Pilates training suffers from it. During the first sessions you are shown and taught the basic techniques of the Pilates training. An individual programme is developed and adapted to your physical and mental possibilities. This way you will gradually improve your own skills with all beneficial results.

Group sessions are usually intended for healthy individuals and persons without specific physical complaints. Individual sessions are especially for those who suffer from physical problems which ask for a specific approach. Pilates enthousiasts swear by individual training sessions.
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